The Lanterns

Jim was signed to Sony Music as a songwriter writing songs for The Lanterns, signed to Columbia Records.

The Lanterns (sisters, Sylvia and Gina Rae, and Jim) recorded their 1998 album between studios in London and Jim's studio in Edinburgh. 'Dazed and Confused', a leading style magazine, featured the band on its December '98 cover.

The album,'Illuminate Yer Heid' and three singles, including the critically acclaimed, Top 40 placed, 'High Rise Town', were released in 1999 with videos directed by David Mackenzie. A Todd Terry remix of Jim's song 'Winter in my Heart' reached No 2 in the UK club charts and The Lanterns were the subject of a CH4 documentary.

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'High Rise Town' .... an urban dance-pop mini-epic, lifted from the 1999 debut album, 'Illuminate Yer Heid'

The International House of Pussy

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