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The Lanterns

'With Sutherland's sometimes harsh sentiments couched in the sisters' dulcet tones; they make dole-culture privation sound almost blissful in the single "HighRise Town" (best line: "the lifts aren't working and the stairs are getting you down"). Musically, Sutherland relies on simple, catchy pop, as in "It's Not Thursday Every Day", occasionally using his orchestration skills to bring an "Eleanor Rigby" mood to a song like "Isabel", in which a woman frets when her lover calls out Isabel's name in his sleep. "Do you know about me?" she wonders of this notional Other Woman, a figment of her man's imagination assuming more concrete, threatening shape.'

Andy Gill-The Independent on the Lanterns - Illuminate yer Hied

Jim has carried out song writing commissions for film, theatre and television. He also writes for pleasure! His production skills allow him to take a song from the initial idea right through to the finished track. He has enjoyed chart success as well as glowing accolades in the press.

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