Jim's folk tunes

Jim has infuenced a generation of folk musicians with his composition, performance and production. His tunes have been recorded on more than 120 CDs by artists all over the world.

Jim has composed many lively reels, jigs, marches and strathspeys as well as haunting airs. Tunes such as The Easy Club Reel have entered the tradition.

The Easy Club reel as performed by 'The Easy Club'
Composed by Jim Sutherland

You can walk down Princes Street in Edinburgh and hear the buskers playing Jim Sutherland's tunes or walk into Irish pubs around the world from San Francisco to Sydney and hear them played as part of the jam session. His Easy Club Reel, has passed into folk legend.

Listen to Jim's music while you browse the site.

“An explosive Easy Club Reel - Jim Sutherland's modern classic“

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