Contact Jim for consultancy on all aspects of music from pre-production and production advice for individual artists and bands to large scale events and national celebrations. Jim also offers advice on collaboration and partnerships.

Jim is part of a team of 'expert advisers' for the Cultural Enterprise office.

CEO Creative Industry Advisers offer a free, specialist advice service to businesses and practitioners working within the creative industries. They offer the opportunity to discuss and develop ideas in a one-to-one session. (Sessions are subject to referral. please email Cultural Enterprise Office for more information)

Jim was engaged as music consultant to the Commonwealth Games Flaghandover Ceremony in Delhi 2010. Even the great film maker Ridley Scott contacted Jim when he was thinking about music for his film 'Robin Hood'.

Jim can help you make decisions that will give shape to your music ideas and focus your choices.

Listen to Jim's music while you browse the site.

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