The Musicians of the TNO

'TNO’s composition must be unique among orchestras. If I had any doubts about hiding a galaxy of trad fiddle talents, Chris Stout and Aidan O’Rourke among them, in a string section, they were instantly assuaged by the glittering perfection of the results . At the back, the ubiquitous James Mackintosh was one of four formidable percussionists swapping drumkits, bells and vibes, the brass section included Ryan Quigley’s haunting trumpet, and the bagpipe and whistle section (how many orchestras have ever ventured into this territory?) featuring Ross Ainslie, Ali Hutton and Fraser Fifield. Sutherland’s compositions succeeded in integrating the bagpipes fully into the orchestra, at last. Usually it’s like a drunken uncle singing at a wedding; everyone freezes till it’s over, then tries to pretend it didn’t happen…here strings and pipes augmented each other.'

Jennie Macfie for HiArts

The True North Orchestra works with some of Scotland's finest musicians across genres.

Jim Sutherland

Greg Lawson

Mairi Campbell
Andrew Berridge
Martin Wiggins
Kay Stephen

Robert Irvine
Rudi De Groote
Abigail Hayward
Su-a Lee
Jessica Kerr

Rick Stanley
Emma Smith
Andres Kungla
Eddie Lucas

Ryan Quigley

Alto Sax
Nigel Hitchcock

French Horns
Fergus Kerr
Christine Smith
Rachel Muir

Andy McKreel

Richard Worth
Sarah Dickins

Pipes / Whistles
Fraser Fifield
Ali Hutton
Ross Ainslie

Simon Thoumire

Mary Gilbert

Greg Lawson conducts the TNO for our recording of Jim Sutherland's score for The gathering 2009

Greg Lawson conducts the TNO while recording Jim Sutherland's score for The Gathering, 2009

Conductor Greg Lawson grew up with folk music in his local Durham and studied at the Royal Northern College in Manchester. His intense musical passion, combined with a natural restlessness, has led him into areas such as tango, klezmer (with Moishe’s Bagel) and working with Mr McFall's Chamber. A freelance violinist, he has played with the Scottish Chamber Orchestra, the Royal Scottish National Orchestra, BBC SSO, Mr McFall's Chamber, rock groups and more.

Detail of our wonderful log drums!

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