Something coming - Tune of the day

I took this picture of the Caithness shoreline in January 2009

Big things are happening in Scotland. Something is coming I can feel it in my blood! The people of the country seem to be coming together and it all feels very positive.

This short piece is performed by the True North Orchestra. This is an orchestra which draws on a rich talent pool of the finest musicians from all over Scotland, including prominent members of the BBC Scottish Symphony Orchestra, (BBC SSO) Scottish Chamber Orchestra (SCO), Scottish National Jazz Orchestra (SNJO), and the orchestra of Scottish Ballet, combined with top musicians from the traditional music world.

Yesterday my face book status read as follows-

The SNP are NOT the BNP..........just wanted to clear that up..It's interesting reading some of the posts on here from those the don't understand Scottishness. We are an outward looking, culturally rich people who are generally to the left of centre. It's nothing to do with hating the English or any other nationality/culture.
We were offered a choice and we've taken it.
I must say I'm proud of it !

That status generated 60 'likes' and 59 comments. It was a very interesting debate. See below for a few interesting quotes from that thread.

Something coming
Performed by the True North Orchestra
Composed by Jim Sutherland

Where else has a nationalist movement led other than in the direction of fascism? I remain confident that Scotland's national moment remains untarred by this particular brush. Yet we should remain vigilant lest our egalitarian and inclusive political culture morph into something much uglier.

Tommy Beavitt

Warnings are always appreciated in the spirit they are given, but why is there so little faith in the political intelligence of the Scottish people?

Iain Smith

There is also a case for putting renewed energies into articulating and manifesting a positive, international, inclusive and diverse Scottisn national culture, which then supports the expression of Scottish national identities which reflect such values. It is for people who support such values to champion them, and there will be many opportunities in the new Scottish political landscape that is emerging, and the arts and culture have a key role to play.

Neill Walker

Absolutely! In the best tradition of the international enlightenment, Scotland's people must define themselves culturally (as well as socially and economically) within the modern political and technological context.

Iain Smith

Defining ourselves according to the fact that we are not English would be as mistaken and essentially negative as the tendency of BNP types to define themselves as not-Muslim or whoever the hate figure du jour might be. Especially when we have just shown how positive a thing Scottish identity can be.

Tommy Beavitt

The island is too small for division - just like Ireland! It makes no sense at all; we are virtually the same people and have grown more together over the last 1000 years. there is much more that unites than divides. this is the Glasgow Edinburgh argument written that wee tiny Scottish bit bigger. Nonsense! I have more in common with many in England, India and Ireland than I have with this nasty brood of politicians creating division.

Alan Tweedie

I'm proud to live in Scotland and after 16 years (Bosnian in heart) I feel adopted Scottish not British... no fears from SNP but would rather focus on problems of sport, culture, economy in Scotland ...

Samir Mehanovic

I don't know if this election really makes "independence", whatever that means, a great deal more likely, he probably has 3 years to try and change public opinion. Watch out for a deluge of tartan and events like the Clan Gathering and St Andrews day marching. I would personally welcome a go at an independent Scotland, hopefully then some of the rose tinted mist of the Scots identity would vanish and we could start to look at the bigotry and sectarianism that is part of our society.

Toby Shippey

Toby, excellently put. You're spot on. There will be all sorts of kailyard goblins comin' out the glens now, dancin' around the Saltire as if they owned it, but better that they're out and exposed, than that they continue to skulk away in the febrile minds of bigots.

Iain Smith

Its in the definition of the wording: Nationalism, we only have to look at history to see how concept of Nationalism has been manipulated to endorse ideologies of ethnic cleansing.
Independence : meaning to be no longer a colony of another nation, allowing for other cultures to be embraced.
On that basis I would agree with the debate for ' independence,' rather than nationalism.

Xanthoula O'Connor

08:26:00 08/05/11
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