The story so far

2017 marks the beginning of major new initiatives for for La Banda Europa. We feel that, in these difficult times, it is vital to spread our message of common humanity and equality. We have recorded a new album of music which is to be released later in the year and 2018 will see the development of LBE YOUTH.

January 2017 La Banda Europa performed three new premiers to packed Glasgow Royal Concert Hall and received three standing ovations.At one point the whole audience got to their feet and began singing the chorus of the band's finishing number 'We Are An Ocean'.

Highlights so far include:

In 2006, Jim Sutherland, composer and musician, was awarded the Creative Scotland Prize for Artists of Distinction, one of the most generous arts awards in Europe. The award allowed him time to germinate his idea for an orchestra that would create a unique 'sound of Europe’.

In 2007, with a commission from The Newcastle Gateshead Initiative and additional funding from The Scottish Arts Council and in-situ, Jim was able to bring La Banda Europa together for its first performance – ‘Before the Wolf’, a large-scale, outdoor theatrical production. Alongside La Banda Europa, Jim incorporated a forty strong choir, a twenty strong drumming group and two boy sopranos from the Vienna Boys’ Choir. ‘Before the Wolf’ was directed by Hilary Westlake (previously of Lumière and Son, and more recently artistic director of Euro Disney).

2009 saw a land mark performance in Marseiiles where the band took over the railway system for the day. Please see the section on site specific work for more detail.

'The idea of having all European families together, united in one voice, in one orchestra, will send a strong signal that as Europeans we should use our differences to create a new Europe rather than have them as an excuse to destroy it. Our traditions should become part of one unique European culture where all the families will contribute with their own identity, with their own culture, with their own music. Therefore I believe that La Banda Europa could do miracles, especially in my region. When people see that their own culture is respected they will learn to respect other cultures as well.'
Slobodan Trkulja - Serbia

John Kenny playing the ancient Celtic Carnyx with La Banda Europa

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