Education and masterclasses

Amongst La Banda Europa’s members are two music professors, the head of a degree course in English folk music, the head of Glasgow’s Scottish piping degree course, three university tutors, five secondary school music teachers and many workshop leaders with community education experience who regularly engage with young players. With such rich expertise in our ranks, we have been developing teaching ideas and the methodology for educational programmes that we are keen to take forwards.

La Banda Europa is committed to increasing the number of people enjoying and participating in music in Europe. Our primary aim is to inspire music making in young people by connecting them with outstanding international professionals, rooted in local folk traditions, who are open to sharing their expertise without off-putting formality.

La Banda Europa offers demonstrations, workshops and masterclasses for all ages.

Subjects offered include:

  • Swedish Nyckelharpa
  • European Hurdy gurdy
  • Bagpipes from seven nations
  • Bagpipe making
  • Slovakian Fujara flute
  • Armenian Duduk
  • European percussion instruments
  • An introduction to the range of instruments of La Banda Europa
  • The Turkish influence of the Ottoman Empire in Europe
  • European brass traditions
  • Cultural approaches to the clarinet
  • The music of Spain

A most unique and extraordinary group of musicians from every corner of this rapidly expanding family we call "Europe, who brought with them one of the most diverse collections of musical instruments and noted exponents of regional and national musical cultures that I have ever seen assembled in one place.
John Kenny – Scotland

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